Parents - An Integral Part of R&S!

For over 25 years, R&S has had the privilege to grow not only with our children, but with their families as well. We believe that true excellence in childcare can only be established through a seamless cooperation between you, the parents, and our staff - a team that works together to foster the best possible environment for your child. We encourage all of our parents to take advantage of the numerous ways to be involved. 

Volunteer Parent Advisory Board

Our Volunteer Parent Advisory Board is a committee of parents who meet with our staff 2-3 or more times a year, depending of the needs of the parents and the center. Our parents have a direct, authorized voice in our center's programming, fees, and events. Important decisions at R&S are always made taking the opinion of our parents into account. We are very blessed to have such a strong, accountable Advisory Board of parent volunteers. All parents are welcome and encouraged to join!

Open Door Policy

Parents are welcome and encouraged to enter the center frequently and freely.  You are invited to join us on field trips as parent volunteers, attend special events, or even sit in on our daily activities! Our door is open to you at all times. 


We encourage daily communication regarding your child's day. We aim to greet you as you pick up your child to build upon our relationship with your family and give you one-on-one updates. Please feel free to come into the center daily so that you can keep in touch with staff and programs and learn of your child’s progress. 

R&S newsletters are distributed monthly. Bulletins with programming and snack schedules as well as important updates are placed near the entrance for your convenience. A suggestions box is open to all staff, children, and parents. We value your input and look for as many ways as possible to maintain clear communication. 

Special Events and Other Forms of Involvement

We hold muffin mornings, annual concerts, and other special events for all families to enjoy. Fostering healthy relationships with you, the parent, is of utmost importance to us. We are open to any suggestions or other involvement ideas you may have!

Alberta Child Care Accreditation 

Parent input is highly valuable in a large part of our accreditation process: policy reviews and amendments, noting areas of strengths and weaknesses, and even forming new goals for our centre. We would love for our parents to be involved with our next accreditation term in 2019! Surveys and board meetings will be our primary ways in which parents can voice their opinions and contribute maintaining the standard of excellence of R&S.